Project Runway

Like many things I adore in my life, they may seem a tad embarassing to some, but I pay that no mind because I take pride in my preferences and I feel no need to hide who I am. So, I LOVE Project Runway. A few years ago at a ski house in upstate New York I discovered the show (yes I missed the first season completely) and even got my fiance hooked. The idea of a reality show where people had REAL TALENT, not where people were eating bugs or getting drunk and vomiting, totally sucked me in and I've been hooked ever since.

So, I digress, I love Project Runway. And though this season is seriously lacking in talent from last season, I have loved Kenley Collins from the very first episode. Perhaps it's that she looks a little like me with the pin-upy bettie page bangs and the feather hair clips that I've owned forever, or because she came from Florida like me and ran to New York as soon as she could (like me) or just because she seemed to have real talent unlike nearly everyone else this season. (She did get a little nasty near the end but we'll let that slide because I love her, and I too can be a little nasty sometimes).

I was so excited for the Bryant Park runway collection and knew she'd be in the top three, and I love her wedding dress made of feathers (see above), but I can't get behind her ripping off Alexander McQueen, who, sad to say, I heart more than anyone, including Kenley Collins.

Her dress was just way too similar to Alexander McQueen 2008 f/w:

Which brings me to my original annoyance, that one of the first dresses she won with:

is also way too similar to Balenciaga's recent line:

So now that I have vented, I will say I still love you Kenley and I hope you win for all us New York by way of Florida ex-pats, but that shit's just plain wrong.

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