National Academy's death knell

So it seems the National Academy Museum in New York has been blacklisted by the American Association of Museums and Association of Art Museum Directors for selling off two pieces of art to cover operating costs rather than to acquire new work, as is the only permitted reason for deaccessioning.

In an e-mail message on Dec. 5 to its 190 members, it denounced the academy, founded in 1825, for “breaching one of the most basic and important of A.A.M.D.’s principles” and called on members “to suspend any loans of works of art to and any collaborations on exhibitions with the National Academy.”

I'm on the National Academy's side, and agree that it should be fair for them to claim "We’re going to go broke or we’re going to sell off two paintings, what do you think?’"

Read the full article on the NY Times here


Video of the week

Today I think I'm starting an every monday video of the week courtesy of youtube. Today is Doc Watson's "Deep River Blues"

Doc Watson was born in Deep Gap, North Carolina. According to Doc on his three CD biographical recording Legacy, he got the nickname "Doc" during a live radio broadcast when the announcer remarked that his given name Arthel was odd and he needed an easy nickname to go by. A fan in the crowd shouted "Call him Doc!" presumably in reference to the Sherlock Holmes sidekick Doctor Watson. The name stuck ever since.

An eye infection caused Doc Watson to lose his vision before his first birthday. Despite this, he was taught by his parents to work hard and care for himself. He attended North Carolina's school for the visually impaired, The Governor Morehead School, in Raleigh NC.

Doc plays guitar in both flatpicking and fingerpicking style, but is best known for his flatpick work. His guitar playing skills, combined with his authenticity as a mountain musician, made him a highly influential figure during the folk music revival. He pioneered a fast and flashy bluegrass lead guitar style, including fiddle tunes and crosspicking techniques, which was adopted and extended by Clarence White, Tony Rice and many others. He is also an accomplished banjo player and in the past has accompanied himself on harmonica as well. Known also for his distinctive and rich baritone voice, he has over the years developed a vast repertoire of mountain ballads which he learned via the oral tradition of his home area in Deep Gap, North Carolina. His affable manner, humble nature and delightful wit have endeared him to his fans nearly as much as his musical talent has.

He continues to play to this day, though he has scaled back on touring.



winter wonderland

I spotted these originally on Wooster Collective's site which then lead me to the creator - Aly Lenon at 2pie.

I can't get past the fact that these are actually indentations, created by pressing themselves into snow on people's cars, and not 3-D sculptures.


death of a legend

I knew Bettie was sick and was probably going to die, but somehow it just hit so much harder then I expected it would. Whether or not anyone thinks she was beautiful, or unique, or really special doesn't matter, as long as everyone knows that she was free and did as she pleased. The world just became a little bit sadder of a place now that she's gone.

RIP Bettie Page


Ryan McGinniss book signing

Though I'm not the biggest fan of his newer work (I'm a McGinniss circa 2003 fan myself), I was pretty excited to hear about his new book and subsequent signing that will be happening in New York this Saturday, December 13th.

His newest book, No Sin/ No Future (2008, Ginko Press) is a collaged collection of snapshots, sketches, and scans culled from the artist's studio archives. Sketchbook notes collide with photos of in-progress painting and combine with vectors and bitmaps, creating a dense site-specific visual mash-up that provides insight into the mind and process of this prolific artist. No Sin/ No Future is a limited edition of 2,500- so either head over to Zakka in Brooklyn this Saturday, December 13th, for a book launch and signing.


Scarf of the season

Let's face it - I may just kill for this scarf

They do sell them also in kelly green, lime green, and purple. I don't even like wearing color but they're stunning and just oh so tempting...

The only part I hate about them - the $108.00 price tag. Though I'm sure I could wear it to shreds and completely justify the expense

They can be purchased here


True style

This man in all his shining glory is the epitome of the saying "It's not the clothes, it's how you wear them"


Banksy's pet store in New York

Banksy is elusive, iconic, and now possibly off his rocker. Known mainly for his political grafitti wall murals (people in England have placed bullet proof glass over the works and sold their homes as "Banksy mural with attached home") in various cities across the world has landed in New York City creating his first official art installation. No, you wont see any of the girls pining over floating away red balloons or rats with army hats (at least not inside), but you will find a menagerie of other works that may seem on the surface to be humorous, but deep down send the same strength political message.

You can read the entire article about the show on the New York Times website, or visit the "The Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill" yourself before October 31st at 89 Seventh Avenue South (near Bleeker Street).


Project Runway

Like many things I adore in my life, they may seem a tad embarassing to some, but I pay that no mind because I take pride in my preferences and I feel no need to hide who I am. So, I LOVE Project Runway. A few years ago at a ski house in upstate New York I discovered the show (yes I missed the first season completely) and even got my fiance hooked. The idea of a reality show where people had REAL TALENT, not where people were eating bugs or getting drunk and vomiting, totally sucked me in and I've been hooked ever since.

So, I digress, I love Project Runway. And though this season is seriously lacking in talent from last season, I have loved Kenley Collins from the very first episode. Perhaps it's that she looks a little like me with the pin-upy bettie page bangs and the feather hair clips that I've owned forever, or because she came from Florida like me and ran to New York as soon as she could (like me) or just because she seemed to have real talent unlike nearly everyone else this season. (She did get a little nasty near the end but we'll let that slide because I love her, and I too can be a little nasty sometimes).

I was so excited for the Bryant Park runway collection and knew she'd be in the top three, and I love her wedding dress made of feathers (see above), but I can't get behind her ripping off Alexander McQueen, who, sad to say, I heart more than anyone, including Kenley Collins.

Her dress was just way too similar to Alexander McQueen 2008 f/w:

Which brings me to my original annoyance, that one of the first dresses she won with:

is also way too similar to Balenciaga's recent line:

So now that I have vented, I will say I still love you Kenley and I hope you win for all us New York by way of Florida ex-pats, but that shit's just plain wrong.


Gilbert and George at the Brooklyn Museum

So because I have been sick this week I missed the Gilbert and George opening I was really looking forward to at the Brooklyn Museum. However this will not stop me from seeing it at some point before it closes in January 2009.

If you don't know who Gilbert and George are, you're living in a hole. I will accept that maybe some people don't know about their important early perfomance ("sculpture") works, or why they still wear the matching, slightly too small, tweed suits, but at some point in time, anyone who has ever stepped foot into a museum has probably seen an image by these two men.

The show at the Brooklyn Museum is the final venue in a large travelling retrospective of their work.

To read the NY Times review of the show go here

You can also see a few images, and get directions on how to get to this amazing show at the Brooklyn Museum website


tights are the new black

Every year when fall starts rolling around I can't help but fixate on the glorious idea of getting to bring out my tights again. Solid opaque, plaid, lace, cuban heel back seem, you name it and I'll probably wear it.
So when we saw our first really cool day last week I was digging through my stash of winter tights to realize many of the ones I truly loved must have snagged at the end of the season last year and been tossed. To that I say "here I come credit card bill!" because by george I'm getting some new tights.

So far it seems the ones I covet most are non-purchasable for someone like myself. Either because of price or geography. Nonetheless, a girl can dream.

If I ruled the world I would own the new Chanel two tone tights because they remind of traditional back seam tights, but more modern, and though they're simple, they seem much more agressive to me. Maybe it's the cold stiff deliniation between the nude and the black, or the very obvious Chanel logo on the side, but they scream look at me because you'll never have me. Oh Chanel tights, perhaps one day...

My other newest lust is the also back seam reminiscent tights featured at Eley Kishimoto's Spring/Summer '09 runway show in the UK. Though I'm sure price would prevent me from owning something so luxurious, for now we'll blame it on geography and the fact that the US dollar is useless abroad. We might as well be haggling with coffee beans.

So while I dream of those, I will go ahead and get myself the super cute and inexpensive tights at Urban Outfitters

Plaid sheer - $14.00 or 2 for $20.00

Or knit tights by free people for $38.00
(more expensive, but worth it for the anti-run factor)

Other tights options from Urban Outfitters available here


Forever 21

I have no qualms about being a fan of Forever 21. Yes, some of their pieces aren't made the best, but it's not meant to be clothing you wear to the opera, or even clothing you really assume will last for the next 10 years. Sometimes you get a few seasons out of some pieces and it's all gravy.

So after SoHo walking created massive amounts of frustration within, I decided a Forever 21 shopping excursion would be the perfect retail therapy. Some nice winter clothes, but the real thing to note right now is their current jewelry collection. I'm not a fan of 60s or 70s wear and lately all jewelry coming out of places like Forever 21, Urban Outfitters and the like is all feathered and hippie dippy. This new collection is very old 20s, 30s, 40s Hollywood inspired. Numerous pearls, sparkly baubles, metal tassles, etc.

A few of my favorite finds:

The greatest thing about the jewelry line at Forever 21 is it is CHEAP. Rings and earrings range from about $2.80 to around $6.80. Necklaces hover right around $5.00. It really just can't be beat; not right now, and not at these prices.

Forever 21

Christian Siriano Spring 2009

As a woman obsessed with fashion (usually vintage, but not always) I am ok with admitting that I love Project Runway. I am fine admitting that this season's designers are a little lax, a little predictable, and a little contrived, but last season was phenomenal. I knew from the very first episode that Christian Siriano was going to take that year's crown, but I gritted my teeth until the very end waiting for the truth to be revealed.

His collection for Project Runway's Bryant Park was beautiful, as could be expected, and as was the case for many of the other designers who've come before him. However, not many maintain the steam they build up during the show and continue to produce outstanding, and innovative, clothing.

Christian is different. As I've read Tim Gunn saying, Christian is a genius. To have his talent at his age, is a rarity. One I don't think many have seen since Yves Saint Laurent took over at Christian Dior at the ripe young age of 21. So needless to say I was excited to see what he would create for his Spring 2009 runway collection, and he didn't disappoint

I loved the soft muted colors and how even the extremely over worked pieces seemed so soft and full of motion and life. Even when he chose to throw in some bright pops of chartreuse and orange, it didn't seem forced, just natural. It was quite possibly my favorite show of the season.

To see more

go to New York Magazine

New beginnings

So it's officially fall in New York. Time to drudge up last year's winter clothes, realize none of them fit anymore, and go out shopping! Enjoy the fresh air, the sounds of the New York streets and give yourself something new and fresh to present to the world.

With this feeling in mind I decided it was time to start a blog. One to talk about and display fashions I love (and loathe), art that should be seen, and news that I feel like discussing. I read blogs every day and I look forward to additional posts made on ones that I check with an insane amount of regularlity. Maybe one day I could be that for someone else. A girl can dream.

So as my intro I say hello, welcome, and in here you're safe from nothing. Enjoy.