Christian Siriano Spring 2009

As a woman obsessed with fashion (usually vintage, but not always) I am ok with admitting that I love Project Runway. I am fine admitting that this season's designers are a little lax, a little predictable, and a little contrived, but last season was phenomenal. I knew from the very first episode that Christian Siriano was going to take that year's crown, but I gritted my teeth until the very end waiting for the truth to be revealed.

His collection for Project Runway's Bryant Park was beautiful, as could be expected, and as was the case for many of the other designers who've come before him. However, not many maintain the steam they build up during the show and continue to produce outstanding, and innovative, clothing.

Christian is different. As I've read Tim Gunn saying, Christian is a genius. To have his talent at his age, is a rarity. One I don't think many have seen since Yves Saint Laurent took over at Christian Dior at the ripe young age of 21. So needless to say I was excited to see what he would create for his Spring 2009 runway collection, and he didn't disappoint

I loved the soft muted colors and how even the extremely over worked pieces seemed so soft and full of motion and life. Even when he chose to throw in some bright pops of chartreuse and orange, it didn't seem forced, just natural. It was quite possibly my favorite show of the season.

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