tights are the new black

Every year when fall starts rolling around I can't help but fixate on the glorious idea of getting to bring out my tights again. Solid opaque, plaid, lace, cuban heel back seem, you name it and I'll probably wear it.
So when we saw our first really cool day last week I was digging through my stash of winter tights to realize many of the ones I truly loved must have snagged at the end of the season last year and been tossed. To that I say "here I come credit card bill!" because by george I'm getting some new tights.

So far it seems the ones I covet most are non-purchasable for someone like myself. Either because of price or geography. Nonetheless, a girl can dream.

If I ruled the world I would own the new Chanel two tone tights because they remind of traditional back seam tights, but more modern, and though they're simple, they seem much more agressive to me. Maybe it's the cold stiff deliniation between the nude and the black, or the very obvious Chanel logo on the side, but they scream look at me because you'll never have me. Oh Chanel tights, perhaps one day...

My other newest lust is the also back seam reminiscent tights featured at Eley Kishimoto's Spring/Summer '09 runway show in the UK. Though I'm sure price would prevent me from owning something so luxurious, for now we'll blame it on geography and the fact that the US dollar is useless abroad. We might as well be haggling with coffee beans.

So while I dream of those, I will go ahead and get myself the super cute and inexpensive tights at Urban Outfitters

Plaid sheer - $14.00 or 2 for $20.00

Or knit tights by free people for $38.00
(more expensive, but worth it for the anti-run factor)

Other tights options from Urban Outfitters available here

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