It's finally getting to the point where it's pretty sunny out each day. I'm not a huge sunglasses person, and never have been. I don't really enjoy having something on my face, and I have a pretty petite nose which generally causes lots of slipping and pushing back up. I am trying to be protective of my eyes though this season, so I figured if I could find super cute sunglasses I might give them another go. Checked ebay and etsy first for any good vintage and came up heavily lacking (though I did see a great pair of CLEAR sunglasses in cats eye style - don't want to give away the link!). Next go to for something standard like that - Urban outfitters online. HOLY MOLY did I hit the holy grail of retro sunglasses! I'm pretty tempted to just buy up a whole slew of them since a bunch say "online only" and then return anything that doesn't fit or look right on my pea head. They're all just so cheap, and awesome, and most come in a variety of colors.
Here's just a (large) sampling of the goods, and as always, clicking on the image will lead you to the webpage...

Madame Butterfly $14.00

Crystal Risky $14.00

First Lady $24.00

Skyline $24.00

Glitter Cat Eye 6.99

Diner $12.99

Mrs. Robinson $12.99

Two Tone $6.99

Plastic Circle $6.99

Oversize square $16.99

Sweet Heart $16.00


Happy Birthday John Waters!

Today is John Waters' birthday! Happy Birthday!!!

I have been a John Waters fan for as long as I can remember. I went to the opening night of Cry-Baby on Broadway (my favorite movie) and he was there in a red and green plaid suit, but I was too shy to talk to him. Woulda, coulda, shoulda.

For those living in a cave, I bring to you John Waters:

Wikipedia bio


Pink Flamingos:


Hairspray (the original, not that new fluff):


Grey Gardens

I, like many of my fellow vintage lovers out there, was so excited for Grey Gardens to come out. There were tons of spoilers posted online of the outfits that made it so hard to wait, and now the time has finally come. It premiered on Saturday on HBO, which means they are probably replaying it all week, and possibly all month, long. If you haven't seen it yet then find a time to make it happen. The trailer is above in case you need more of a reason to watch it.

Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange are amazing and their transformations into Big and Little Edie were astounding. Of course, what resounds most within me is the clothing. Here are a few snipits of what Drew and Jessica wore:

So just for the fun of it I made a polyvore of what I think Little Edie would wear.

Little Edie had her own take on fashion, especially when she got older and was living with Big Edie in Grey Gardens. Though turbans aren't for everyone, it's easy to channel a bit of her in the small details, easiest of which is vintage brooches. Have fun, and play around with your look, Edie would have...


Anthropologie Shoes

I have an insane love for shoes. I don't even know how many pairs I have right now, but I'm sure it's over 100. I can't bare to part with ones, even when they don't fit me correctly or are painful to walk in, so are never worn. I have a pair of brownish purple satin brocade shoes with a gold brooch on the toe that are so amazing, and yet I've never worn them once in all the years that I've owned them.

You might be asking, what does this have to do with anything? Well, for months now I've been dreaming about these shoes I saw in Anthropologie one night while waiting for my fiance to meet me for an evening event. Anthropologie's shoes are always pretty good looking shoes, usually very retro in feel, but always ridiculously expensive. It hurt my heart, but I had to walk away from them as $186.00 was just way too much, especially when you also add in over 8% NYC tax.

For months I tried to convince myself it would be worth it to just get them. "You'd wear them with everything!" and "what other shoes have tiki heels!" I'd say to myself, but no, the little devil couldn't push over the angel. So this weekend I was doing a random check to see if they had gone on sale yet, and they had!! Just over 50% off and yet they didn't have my size on the website. I thought, for sure this is the sign that I'm not meant to have them. However, my stubborness prevailed and I took the subway 30 minutes to get to the only anthropologie in the city (that I know of) that stocks shoes. There on a small shelf in the back corner were my shoes lined up for sale - with one pair in my size. They might as well have been glowing in their own heavenly light because that's all I saw as I flung myself towards the shelf.

Today they are on my feet and I couldn't be happier. One seems a little loose, as I'm sure it was the try on pair, but I don't even care. I wont let these be like the others that sit in my closet unworn. I will wear these with pride, and know that for once it was worth holding my breadth until they finally went on sale.

Below are a few other Anthropologie shoes that I just think are darling - but wont be for me since I just blew my monthly shoe budget! All shoes link to the sale site, so Enjoy!

Shaded Path heels - marked down to $79.95 - available in 9 and 10
Courtyard Gate Oxfords - marked down to $89.95 - available in 7.5 and 10

Windorn heels - marked down to $99.95 - available in 6 and 7


Fashion at the Philadelphia Museum

I love the Philadelphia Museum. I've travelled the few hours by car to see various shows there and the city, and museum, never let me down.

So today I was super excited to notice two shows on at the museum that sound great:

Something to Wear: Fashion in Print 1850-1925
April 11, 2009 - Summer 2009
The fashion industry during 1850-1925 was a period of tremendous change and innovation. This exhibition, designed to complement Shopping in Paris: French Fashion 1850–1925 explores the world of fashion and consumer culture through printed publications. On display are books, periodicals, department store souvenirs, trade catalogs, and fashion plates from the Library’s collection of fashion-related material.


Shopping in Paris: French Fashion 1850–1925
April 11, 2009 - October 25, 2009
The glamorous and cutting-edge fashions created in Paris have always inspired American dress. This exhibition explores the American experience abroad between 1850 and 1925. Such luxurious designs as the House of Worth and the classic elegance of Lanvin are being paired with American fashions based on these Parisian prototypes.

Featuring nearly twenty-five garments from the Museum’s collection—many of which are rarely (or have never been) displayed—these outfits are accompanied by an exciting array of accessories. Photographs and film clips from the early twentieth century will be on view, giving audiences a sense of the storyline around each garment and the woman who would have worn it.

And an event at the museum for the person with the big wallet:

Art After Dark: Vintage Paris
Saturday, April 18, 2009
8:00 p.m. – midnight

The Ruth and Raymond G. Perelman Building
2525 Pennsylvania Avenue

Attire tres chic
Valet parking
All proceeds benefit the Museum's Division of Education

Individual tickets: $225

Enjoy a soirĂ©e Parisienne at the fifth Art After Dark party, co-chaired by Shelly Brown, Pia Halloran, Patricia Isen, and Helene van Beuren. With inspiration drawn from concurrent exhibitions Henri Matisse and Modern Art on the French Riviera and Shopping in Paris: French Fashion 1850–1925 in the Perelman Building, all things French will enliven the evening, including exciting performances, innovative art stations, festive food, and extraordinary art.

More info here


transitional coats

Plaid 50s-60s era swing coat. An Ebay steal for $14.95

It's always hard for me to dress when the weather is being indecisive. All I want to do come spring is break out my light weather jackets and cute sweaters, and one day it will be possible, then the next it'll be so cold and I'll have forgotten that I need to wear a heavier coat.
The perfect thing for this time period is a bit of what I like to call transitional dressing. Coats that are just heavy enough should it be breezy and chilly out, but cool enough that if the sun came out and the temperature warmed up you'd still be ok. Maybe undo a button or two, but it's not like you're wearing your vintage wool and are sweating under your layers!

I started breezing through my first go-to's for this search (etsy and ebay) and came up with a couple cute selections. A nice variety for your size and taste.

Navy blue and hunter green plaid jacket. Etsy - $55.00

How neat is this one? The coat buttons up like a full jacket, but it's got an attached cape to keep you extra warm and dry! Only $49.00 on Etsy

Menswear inspired baseball jacket. I'm known for sporting lettermen style sweaters in the warmer weather, and this would fit in perfectly. Just $12.00 on Etsy!

Another cape swing coat. I can't help but love this style, especially for transitional dressing. When it's chilly you pull your arms in, when it's warm let them dangle free in the air! I'm prety tempted to get this myself but I own so much plaid already! Only $32.99 on Etsy.

There are also tons and tons of vintage clothing dealers online where you can find similar style clothes, perfect to take you from winter into spring! Remember to always check and ask for measurements, as vintage clothes are not sized the same as today. I have a few items that were claimed to be larges, and are really about a small in today's standards. Happy hunting!

my outfits

It's been a bit of a lazy week for me, especially since the temperature keeps jumping all over the board here in NY, and it's been raining nearly every day.

I figured, maybe for once I'll show myself on here, and put up some casual outfits. These are not really things I would wear out for evening, and none took much thought. Just basic work wear so I could be dressed and out of the house in under 30 minutes.

Black jodphurs with a basic tee, red and cream retro varsity sweater, vintage scarf tied into a bow, back seam tights and some flats

I love the anchor buttons!

Vintage blue and white houndstooth skirt, grey green tights, dark grey puff shoulder cowl neck sweater

Dark blue capris, blue and white stripe sailor top and my new vintage angora puffy sweater.

I just got this sweater from Etsy and I love it. From the puffy shoulders and sleeves, to the pearl buttons, to the cinched waist and peplum bottom, it's just dreamy!
Hope everyone is enjoying some better weather than we are!


Happy Easter!

Here's wishing that everyone is having a great chocolate eating, egg dying, fun weekend (mine consists of my first visit to topshop in t-minus 1hr!)

Happy Easter!


Luella S/S 09

I am a person easily swayed by the seasons. I rush into skirts at the first sight of spring, and this year seems no different. I've been staring at S/S 09 collections for days now, hoping to get some serious seasonal inspiration (we all know it's hard to go from black, grey and other wintery monochromatics to bright spring colors).

What I've really been loving and going back to over and over again is Luella's S/S 09 collection. Just check out these color combinations:

An extra large pompadour and hair bow? Yes please!

The box purse and cat's eye glasses with all that pink and orange? swoon!

Ahh, high waist flouncy shorts with a Chanel-esque jacket and pearls!

What's everyone else craving for spring?


Sail away with me

I've always loved sailor style since I bought a navy blue and white stripe j.crew sweater with an anchor on it years ago second hand with the tags still attached. It seemed like such a deal and still proves to go with more than I even anticipated. Now you'd be hard pressed to find me not wearing stripes at least once a week.

sail away
sail away by chancepinup featuring French Connection tops

I dig the high waisted shorts with the sailor buttons as well as anything slightly nautical. Though it was tempting to add in octopus rings and anchor necklaces, I wanted to keep it more subtle than obvious as well as make sure the red, white and blue screams ocean rather than america.

This also just reminded me that I'm dying for a pair of heart shaped Lolita glasses. Better go get on that...

Michael Jackson auction

Custom military jacket, estimated $500-$700 USD

I am not ashamed to say I love Michael Jackson. I always have and always will. The scary little boy lost documentary, pedophilia court cases, plastic surgery failures and all around weird behavior will never change the fact that I am a fan of his music and what he represented to me when I was young.

Monogrammed brooch, estimated $150-$200 USD

So today I come across the online auction for pretty much his entire life. It's really sad to see someone's life laid out like that. Everything from garden sculptures to patio furniture, fan art sent to him, music awards, video games, his clothing, hat and glove collections, etc. When Christie's did Marilyn Monroe's auction it was awkward, and this one is no different.

Costume pants, estimated $150 USD

For those who are ok with taking a part of someone's life because debt collectors took it all then this is for you.

Michael Jackson auction



It's finally here! After years of speculation and then months of postponement, today is the day Topshop opens in NYC!

I have to say, I never bought things online from the UK store because you couldn't return them without hefty shipping fees. I finally got to the store in London a few months back, and it was heaven on earth. I've heard the rumors that this store is going to be more focused on the "NY look" rather than the "UK look" which is what most of us love about Topshop in the first place. We don't need another H&M or Urban Outfitters. Please Topshop don't let us down!

For those who think they're ok with bearing the crowds on opening day (heck, even opening weekend) get on down to Soho. It'll be at Broadway and Broome, and trust me, you can't miss it.



I think it's safe to say I'm officially addicted to polyvore. Who doesn't love the ability to not just shop online, but have all your favorite sites (and a few unknowns) all on one site where you can easily make outfits and not just buy them in pieces?

I like the ability to lay things out visually, even if most options - or at least ones I choose- are priced far out of reach. Think of it as a sort of inspiration board for those days when we all stare at a closet full of clothes and declare "I have nothing to wear" before resorting to a tried and true outfit.

My first jab at polyvore landed me with the below - an outfit that I would like to think I'd wear on one of these warm spring days that are finally heading our way in NYC. Since I don't do pictures of myself here (not yet at least) it's a fun way to get a peak into my wardrobe personality. I love to mix vintage with retro and a bit modern casual cool for a standard day of work or gallavanting around the city. And YES I'm ok with black and brown together, and with mixing shades of pink. In fact, this outfit would go great with my Revlon scented papaya nail polish I'm rocking as a change from the standard red with vintage manicure.

spring in nyc
spring in nyc by chancepinup featuring lutz tank tops

Though the sunglasses, shoes, and purse are crazy expensive, (I have a similar smaller one that is true vintage and came off ebay for only around $30), the tank, skirt and umbrella are easily within reach. Modcloth and Topshop (opening tomorrow in NYC!!!) are great places to hit up for inexpensive seperates that can be paired with some more expensive pieces in your wardrobe. As for the purse- search for vintage doctor bag on ebay or etsy and you're guaranteed to find at least one thing to tickle your fancy.

Expect more polyvore from me from here on out.

vintage shows

Every few months I read about a vintage show in another country than my own and wish I had some similar resource for the shows they actually hold here in New York. I'm going to try and list shows whenever I can, despite the country, in the hopes that I might help someone discover something they didn't know was happening.

Coming up:

The Sydney Vintage Clothing, Jewellery and Textiles show!

17 - 19th April 2009
King Street SYDNEY

From their site: "There will be many exhibitors selling clothing, jewellery, accessories, linen, lace and collectables. The show will also feature a presentation of vintage fashions, lectures by Guest Speakers, Swing Dancers, Vintage Cars, Demonstration of Vintage Makeup and Hairstyle Techniques and other fabulous entertainment - see program page for more details"

The Affordable Vintage Fashion Fair


Saturday 4th April (The fair will also be visiting Leeds 29 March, Lincoln 25 April, Nottingham 26 April, and Liverpool 9 May.)
Fym Fyg Bar
231 Cambridge Heath Road
Bethnal Green
London E2 0EL
11:00 – 16:00
£2.00 Entry

Online glossy Queens of Vintage will be setting up a gorgeous dressing room with 40s pin-up model Fleur de Guerre offering free vintage makeovers for everyone!

Manhattan Vintage Clothing and Antique Textile Show
Friday, April 24th - 1:00 PM TO 8:00 PM
Saturday, April 25th - 11:00 AM TO 6:00 PM
Metropolitan Pavilion 125 West 18th Street (Between 6th & 7th Aves)
Admission $ 20.00

images courtesy of Queensofvintage.com, refinery29.com and lovevintage.com.au