Anthropologie Shoes

I have an insane love for shoes. I don't even know how many pairs I have right now, but I'm sure it's over 100. I can't bare to part with ones, even when they don't fit me correctly or are painful to walk in, so are never worn. I have a pair of brownish purple satin brocade shoes with a gold brooch on the toe that are so amazing, and yet I've never worn them once in all the years that I've owned them.

You might be asking, what does this have to do with anything? Well, for months now I've been dreaming about these shoes I saw in Anthropologie one night while waiting for my fiance to meet me for an evening event. Anthropologie's shoes are always pretty good looking shoes, usually very retro in feel, but always ridiculously expensive. It hurt my heart, but I had to walk away from them as $186.00 was just way too much, especially when you also add in over 8% NYC tax.

For months I tried to convince myself it would be worth it to just get them. "You'd wear them with everything!" and "what other shoes have tiki heels!" I'd say to myself, but no, the little devil couldn't push over the angel. So this weekend I was doing a random check to see if they had gone on sale yet, and they had!! Just over 50% off and yet they didn't have my size on the website. I thought, for sure this is the sign that I'm not meant to have them. However, my stubborness prevailed and I took the subway 30 minutes to get to the only anthropologie in the city (that I know of) that stocks shoes. There on a small shelf in the back corner were my shoes lined up for sale - with one pair in my size. They might as well have been glowing in their own heavenly light because that's all I saw as I flung myself towards the shelf.

Today they are on my feet and I couldn't be happier. One seems a little loose, as I'm sure it was the try on pair, but I don't even care. I wont let these be like the others that sit in my closet unworn. I will wear these with pride, and know that for once it was worth holding my breadth until they finally went on sale.

Below are a few other Anthropologie shoes that I just think are darling - but wont be for me since I just blew my monthly shoe budget! All shoes link to the sale site, so Enjoy!

Shaded Path heels - marked down to $79.95 - available in 9 and 10
Courtyard Gate Oxfords - marked down to $89.95 - available in 7.5 and 10

Windorn heels - marked down to $99.95 - available in 6 and 7

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