Grey Gardens

I, like many of my fellow vintage lovers out there, was so excited for Grey Gardens to come out. There were tons of spoilers posted online of the outfits that made it so hard to wait, and now the time has finally come. It premiered on Saturday on HBO, which means they are probably replaying it all week, and possibly all month, long. If you haven't seen it yet then find a time to make it happen. The trailer is above in case you need more of a reason to watch it.

Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange are amazing and their transformations into Big and Little Edie were astounding. Of course, what resounds most within me is the clothing. Here are a few snipits of what Drew and Jessica wore:

So just for the fun of it I made a polyvore of what I think Little Edie would wear.

Little Edie had her own take on fashion, especially when she got older and was living with Big Edie in Grey Gardens. Though turbans aren't for everyone, it's easy to channel a bit of her in the small details, easiest of which is vintage brooches. Have fun, and play around with your look, Edie would have...

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