It's finally getting to the point where it's pretty sunny out each day. I'm not a huge sunglasses person, and never have been. I don't really enjoy having something on my face, and I have a pretty petite nose which generally causes lots of slipping and pushing back up. I am trying to be protective of my eyes though this season, so I figured if I could find super cute sunglasses I might give them another go. Checked ebay and etsy first for any good vintage and came up heavily lacking (though I did see a great pair of CLEAR sunglasses in cats eye style - don't want to give away the link!). Next go to for something standard like that - Urban outfitters online. HOLY MOLY did I hit the holy grail of retro sunglasses! I'm pretty tempted to just buy up a whole slew of them since a bunch say "online only" and then return anything that doesn't fit or look right on my pea head. They're all just so cheap, and awesome, and most come in a variety of colors.
Here's just a (large) sampling of the goods, and as always, clicking on the image will lead you to the webpage...

Madame Butterfly $14.00

Crystal Risky $14.00

First Lady $24.00

Skyline $24.00

Glitter Cat Eye 6.99

Diner $12.99

Mrs. Robinson $12.99

Two Tone $6.99

Plastic Circle $6.99

Oversize square $16.99

Sweet Heart $16.00

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