Michael Jackson auction

Custom military jacket, estimated $500-$700 USD

I am not ashamed to say I love Michael Jackson. I always have and always will. The scary little boy lost documentary, pedophilia court cases, plastic surgery failures and all around weird behavior will never change the fact that I am a fan of his music and what he represented to me when I was young.

Monogrammed brooch, estimated $150-$200 USD

So today I come across the online auction for pretty much his entire life. It's really sad to see someone's life laid out like that. Everything from garden sculptures to patio furniture, fan art sent to him, music awards, video games, his clothing, hat and glove collections, etc. When Christie's did Marilyn Monroe's auction it was awkward, and this one is no different.

Costume pants, estimated $150 USD

For those who are ok with taking a part of someone's life because debt collectors took it all then this is for you.

Michael Jackson auction

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