Revlon scented polish

Ah yes, another chunk of time gone by with not enough posting. Silly work getting in the way of my fun pet project.

So what can pull me out of my busy hole you may ask? Scented nailpolish! Really, it doesn't get better than that.
I read that Revlon was coming out with this stuff a few weeks ago and didn't really think twice about it, until I saw it in my local drug store. Pretty neon shades that claim to smell good after drying? Too good to pass up.

After selecting a papaya flavor (I would have preferred the silver sparkle - not pictured - but it smelled like coconut, ick) I headed home for the closest I get to an experiment. 3 days later I have to say my nails STILL smell like papaya and it's a bit of a refreshing surprise those times when my fingers get close to my face. It's also not chipping nearly as fast as some other brands I've tried. So that's just a win-win in my book.

Give it a whirl, but just don't sniff it out of the jar. Trust me, it doesn't smell the same as when it dries. You can thank me later for holding onto your brain cells.

image courtesy of fashionista.com since I'm too lazy to shoot the display myself.

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