NYC Nostalgia Train

Every year I look forward to the nostalgia train. For those non-New Yorkers - every year during the month of December, the MTA runs an old train (it's cars from the 40s to the 70s) every Sunday on the V line. The timing is a bit tricky, unless you're like me and you happen to live right at the end of the line. The schedule gives the exact time the train will leave, and it sits there for a good 30 minutes before departing so you can get in all your ooh-ing and aah-ing and picture taking.

An old b&w subway map and hand painted doors just below a Viceroy cigarettes ad!

Lucille Ball in an ad for Woodbury powder

Last year I missed all the trains and this year, of course, I get it on a day when I'm not prepared for it. I was of course wearing vintage except for my black and white spectators which are actually Steve Madden, but I still didn't feel dressed enough for it. Maybe another Sunday before it ends, I think I have 3 left! I need to get a good photo of the ceiling fans!

In case you want to ride the train as well, you can get the times it leaves from both ends of the line here. Give about 2 minutes between each stop on the line should you want to catch it from somewhere else.

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