Viva Mexico!

So I'm getting ready to head off for a long overdue vacation to Mexico! I've never been, but I've heard it's amazing. I'll get some time on the beach, as well as numerous days exploring the old Mayan ruins on the Yucatan peninsula.

So, unfortunately in my excitement the only thing I can focus on is the trip, so today you all get treated to Mexican eye candy!

Famous artist Frida Kahlo's father - Guillermo Kahlo - in 1899. From here

Mexico railways poster from the late 1940s, from here

Movie still from "The Aztec Mummy vs. the Human Robot" - shot in 1957.

The image above actually comes from a site with an interesting article and some clips about 50s sci-fi movies filmed in Mexico. Who knew they had such a sci-fi fad as well? Read more about it here

Barbie and Ken from 1964. Info about their outfits here

I also love 50s hand-painted Mexican circle skirts. Below are some great ones to buy online...

Only $50 here

$99 here

This one is $150, but that's all embroidered! Buy it here


Amanda said...

Sounds like it should be fun. Hope you have a fantastic time!

BaronessVonVintage said...

Ohh, I've never been to Mexico but would LOVE to go, especially right now, as we have another snow storm!!! Have a fantastic time. Love that mexican skirt, btw. Gorgeous and perfect for a trip like yours!