4th of July

So today is America's birthday. Time to celebrate by drinking too much, BBQ-ing, eating pie and watching things explode. I sound cynical but I'm totally not. I really will take any excuse to watch fireworks, as I'm a complete sucker for them. New York's also happen to be the greatest around. Normally we have barges set up on the east river and down by the Brooklyn Bridge, but I guess to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson sailing past New York, all barges will be set up in a line on the Hudson River. I'm heading to my in-laws roof and am hoping there are no taller buildings to our west so I can get a prime view.

In honor of this holiday, I figured I'd show some good old fashioned July 4th imagery. All courtesy of Flickr!

Nothing like celebrating a country's birth by showing a picture of the people who stole the country away from in the first place

A card with a baby bringing you a firework. It's so inappropriate I love it!

I love this lady also! Sitting around in her sailor outfit in the 1940s (?) surrounded by tons of fireworks. I envy her life!

Have and happy and safe 4th of July everyone!

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