Atlas Obscura

For people who truly know me - they know I'm a total weirdo deep down. My fiance (add the accent mark with your mind) and I have bones and taxidermy all over our house, and we travel the world together, hunting out the neatest, most non-touristy things we can find in different countries. So to say I was excited when I found this website was an understatement.

It all began when we were hunting for interesting places to get married. The old abandoned small pox hospital on Governor's Island is closed to the public. Cloisters is out. It's actually pretty hard to find castles that haven't been redone and made cheesy as places to get married! So I stumble across the Atlas Obscura...

I got completely sucked in, scrolling through all the different types of locations "curious places of worship", "disaster areas", "electrical oddities", etc. It's not just man made places, but spiritual places, and locations of great natural occurances.

Anyways I could go on and on, so it's worth taking a look through. My favorites thusfar:

The Gates of Hell

Sedlec Ossuary

Cano Cristales

For more great oddies and curiosities head over to Atlas Obscura

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