The Vampire phenomenom

Bela Lugosi as the best Dracula ever (he was even buried in his cape)

Everywhere I turn these days people are talking about vampires. True Blood, Twilight, it's everywhere. I think I never got into the whole "vampire" thing when I was young and impressionable partially because I have natural fangs (which my dentist always begs to let file down) and I get enough comments as it is about whether my teeth are real or if I made them that way. It's just genetics and I like them, but if I was a crazy goth girl though I'm sure I'd never hear the end of it.

Stephen Moyer as the vampire Bill Compton in HBO's True Blood

It's funny because lately I had fought the new wave of vampire frenzy until I couldn't take it anymore. I watched two episodes of True Blood before Season 2 began and was hooked. I had to find all the old episodes online so I'd be caught up for the new season. Now I can't wait for Sunday nights.

Robert Pattinson as Twilight's Edward Cullen

I never read the Twilight books until recently. I devoured two of them in a week (they are over 500 pages each) and now I just started the third. They are seriously so good it's embarrasing.


There is a great article from the NY Times about the vampire in TV and movies here

Vlad the Impaler

and you can brush up on your vampire knowledge easily on wikipedia

Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in the movie "Interview with the Vampire"

Also, you can see how it's affecting fashion and what to expect for Fall (hint, it's a bit darker than usual...) here


Miss Power Bombshell herself said...

Welcome to the dark side and Sunday night plans even if you are recording the show. We are addicted to True Blood....

Melanie's Randomness said...

Vampires are soo "IN" right now. hehe. Cute post. I like that you included Interview with the vampire!