Daughter Dearest: Joan Crawford in Vanity Fair

It seems I'm rehashing all the oldies but goodies lately, and frankly I just don't care. While cleaning my desk I found an old Vogue (which I must have clearly kept for the Hitchcock spread with classic imagery reenacted) and I found/remembered the great article contained within about Joan Crawford.

I always loved Joan Crawford, and never knew who to believe - the two children who spoke harshly of her, or the two that claim they could have never had a better mother. It's a very interesting read, covering both sides of story. Make your own decisions.

Daughter Dearest
One of Hollywood’s greatest stars, Joan Crawford, was redefined as a sadistic control freak by Mommie Dearest, her daughter’s 1978 tell-all. In an excerpt from the author’s new Crawford biography, based in part on interviews with another Crawford daughter, a very different story emerges.
by Charlotte Chandler March 2008, Vanity Fair

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