Ok, so everyone I've mentioned this to lately seems to have already heard about it, but no one experienced it, so I'm thinking maybe I'm not sooo behind for once.

Pandora is a free online radio music project. Basically you type in a song or artist you like on the home page. They'll play one song by that artist (or the song you picked) and then their fancy program analyzes your tastes and plays other songs by other artists it thinks are similar and you might like. You can fast forward through ones you don't like, or even register and save your playlists in case they recommended some really good stuff.

Just in briefly playing with it I got this:

1. Gogol Bordello (they picked "start wearing purple")
2. Flogging Molly "Cruel Mistress"
3. Tom Waits "Rain Dogs"
4. Dropkick Murphys "I'm shipping up to Boston"
5. Gogol Bordello "Occurence on the Border"
6. The Pogues "Turkish Song of the Damned"
7. The Fratellis "Flathead"

Apparenly Eastern European gypsy folk music also equals 80/90s Irish punk music, but hey, I can see where they caught the similarities. All in all a good time and a nice way to learn about more music.

Have a ball!

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