Paris fashion week 2009

So I know I've been on a bit of a hiatus - but between the holidays, new years, my birthday and family visiting - I've been a bit busy to say the least. Hopefully I'll be back now.

So it's no secret that I adore vintage fashion, and usually prefer that over anything people are wearing today. I like my clothes to fit snuggly and properly, and I will NEVER get behind leggings as pants. They are undergarments. "Under" being the key word people! So what drives me to love vintage fashion is also what makes me love haute couture. The idea of people slaving over a needle and thread for the shear sake of hand sewing millions of sequins makes me swoon. Shock of all shocks I know - but to me something that is unique, and something someone worked hard on, will always be a million times better than something sold at the Gap. So with this secret of love of couture I've been pouring over the images from Paris'Fashion week 2009. Just take a look...

Chanel Couture - and yes those hats are made of PAPER. Just in case you ever thought black and white could be boring.

Dior couture

Christian Lacroix couture.
His show was filled with menswear inspired outfits which I just adore. I once heard a story about Katherine Hepburn and how someone tried to hide all pants from her and replace them with skirts while she was on set for a movie. She proceed to leave her dressing room with only her top and underwear on until someone would give her back pants. Though I do love a tight fitting pencil skirt like any girl should, I love my pants equally as much.

Then just for the hell of it - it may not be couture, but it sure as hell looks good enough to be.

Alexander McQueen pre-fall 2009 (courtesy of WR2BAM). He can do no wrong in my book.

Swoon away fellow fashion lovers.

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