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In my time lapse that I apparently had last week I didn't post a video of the week. I'm really trying to be good about this whole thing, so I'm going to venture out of my comfort zone this week. You don't get the usual factual about the artist or the song, but about me and my experience with it. Deal with it.

I know a lot of people who know a lot about music. I am not one of those people. I can tell you who a few present day singers are based purely on whether they live their lives in the spotlight. I could spot Kanye West or Fall Out Boy or Lily Allen on the street, but I haven't the foggiest what their music sounds like. I like living in my naive little bubble because I don't particularly like new music.

So a few years ago I had an acquaintance with a song on their webpage that I loved. I used to listen to it here and there and one day when I checked in for my monthly fix - the song and the site were gone. Now me being me I never wrote down who it was, and I have a killer memory for useless information, but this was one of those things my mind just couldn't recall. I tried miserably to guess the artist and eventually just gave up. Now a week ago my mother was in town visiting which means much shopping and some crumbs cupcakes to add on to what I shopped off. The song I had forsaken years ago (though never forgot about!) was playing! Of course they didn't know who it was. Here comes another four years of never knowing the truth about this song I thought. Then a few days later, one of my colleagues on their facebook posted a comment about enjoying the new Junior Boys album. That cinched it. I knew immediately that that was the name of the group and one short youtube search later I was the proud owner of a bookmark to my song.

All this means a lot because aside from not knowing anything about current music - I really don't like techno or industrial or whatever you would call Junior Boys. I have no idea why this song resonates so much within me, but it does, and I may not always be the most open person initially, but if something can penetrate my core I am extremely accepting (even of my own hypocrisy).

Now that it has all been said, I bring to you Junior Boys: "In the Morning"

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