NY Fashion Week

We're full swing ahead into fashion week here in New York, and surprisingly, this year so far I have not had one awkward moment on the train when I'm surrounded by numerous woman over 6' tall and dressed appallingly. I give them a few more days before they forget they wear the most beautiful fashions for a living (one would hope they would appreciate it at least a tiny bit) and start looking like they crawled out of the dumpster for their day wear between shows.

So I was flipping through the collections that have happened thus far, and I can't say I'm impressed. I'd like to blame it on the recession, but I know deep down designers have been working on these collections for months on end, and really no one up here has really started feeling this until late 2008.

What I did find amusing is when I looked at thumbnails for Rag and Bone and actually thought I kind of like the little scrunched socks look over tights with shorts for a winter into spring transitional look.

Also, being a monochromatic devotee I love the neutral clothing shades with just the tiniest touch of red.

Then, I stepped outside my comfort zone and looked into Diane von Furstenberg's collection. I normally hate her flowy boho aesthetic (and trust me I still didn't love this collection), but I admired the big Russian-esque hats and there were my little scrunched up socks again!

I clearly picked the more monochromatic of the image selections, because let me tell you, some of her pattern pairings could singe your eyeballs, but I was astounded at how similar these were to Rag and Bone's choices. It happens, trends swing and designers pick up on it, so now the real question is, do I actually wear this look now and feel like I'm somehow being pushed in that direction by multiple designers, or just suck it up, wait a season, and wear them once it's fashionably out and yet uniquely in?

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