Barbie turns 50

Everyone seems to be talking about Barbie's 50th anniversary fashion show that was presented at Bryant Park this February. The show started with a video montage of Barbie in all her incarnations (she’s had over 100 careers) set to Hole’s “Doll Parts" and then came the of presention a variety of looks from fifty of our top designers (think Calvin Klein, Anna Sui, Diane von Furstenburg, Derek Lam, Betsy Johnson, etc)

I can't say I was a fan at whoever they allowed to do the slapstick job of make-up (Barbie normally looks polished, not like an alien), but overall I think it was chic and most looks could be seen on a Barbie doll appearing on the shelves next week.

The show's opening look, designed by Rachel Roy, was inspired by the first Barbie doll created in 1959. “As a little girl, my favorite was the original Barbie, who wore a black and white zebra-striped swimsuit," said Roy. "She represented beauty and style, but more importantly, she represented fun."

“Barbie is an American fashion icon, and I have fond childhood memories of dressing her,” said Monique Lhuillier

"I've always found clothing to be a great vehicle for fantasy," said Erin Fetherston. "Barbie is a perfect example of this. With each change of her outfit, we've seen Barbie do and be anything and everything. This is what I find so magical about fashion, it gives us the ability to channel and experiment with identity, self-expression, and imagination through our own self-styling.

See all the looks at instyle.com here
or check out the whole show (though admittedly a little shaky for those with motion sickness) on youtube here:

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