The bag tax

This seems to be all over the news here in New York today, and then I read about it again on fashionista.com. At that moment I said I've had it, and I'm making a post on it too.

The Bag Tax is Coming

Back in November, when word first got out that Mayor Bloomberg would be proposing a tax on plastic grocery bags, we wondered if the city would realize it might be worth it to stick it to retailers, too.

And yes, it did - The plastic bag tax, which was officially proposed last week, will cover plastic bags of any kind - even at restaurants and department stores like Macy’s - which will cost shoppers five cents per bag unless they’re armed with their own stash of totes (or, presumably, plastic bags they’ve saved from prior trips).

Do you think Mayor Bloomberg’s bag tax will really stop people from using plastic bags? Or will the tax just raise tons of money for the city, without any real environmental effects? I happen to be thrilled about the bag tax. Sure I might be eating my words after a lavish grocery shopping that costs me......(wait for it)........$1.00 (10 bags double bagged for those less mathematically inclined). Does anyone not realize that there is a small charge on anything bottled? Does that really stop you from getting your water/gatorade/soda at the corner store? I'm so sick of the word recession. If 5 cents can bring millions into NY's economy, then accept the fact that you're paying an extra $5.00 or less a month to help out.

Change isn't going to happen without us people

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