J.Crew Jewelry

I have never been one to eschew big time chain stores claiming ones' clothes should be all vintage, all the time. In fact, alot of times these stores carry some pretty impressively done clothes that may look vintage but you don't have to fear them falling apart everytime you wear them. For instance, I have a black satiny swing coat from H&M that I LOVE and get compliments on every year I wear it, some grey pin stripe jodphurs from H&M or Urban Outfitters (I don't remember), some feathered fascinators from Urban Outfitters, high waist tweed sailor pants from Anthropologie, etc...

All this and somehow I was still struck a bit dumbfounded when flipping through J.Crew's recent catalog this morning. Whoever is doing their jewelry this season is fantastic!

It's definitely on the more pricey side, but nothing like a little Wednesday eye candy to brighten your mood!
Take a look:

Fireworks necklace $118.00

Sunray necklace $150.00

Chandelier bracelet $58.00

Sunburst medallion cuff $115.00

Pearl-cluster drop earrings $55.00

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Sara M. said...

I agree that J. Crew's jewelry is awesome. I wish it was just a little more affordable!

P.S., just wanted to let you know that it took me a few days (sorry about that!) but I've linked you over on WR2BAM!

Sara M.