What I Wore

I haven't been wearing anything that great lately. I can't get behind the whole seesaw affect, and mostly it's just been either rainy or really hot and humid here. Every year I nearly forget how much I hate summer in NY, and now I'm being reminded again.

Most of these are mainly for my hair which I'm trying to grow out right now. This gives me more flexibility for coiffures, but at the same time, I'm not adjusted to it being longer so it's taking so getting used to.

You can't see the details of this dress - but it's red black and white strips. Button closed chest. It even had cute fold over sleeves with button backs. I ended up wearing a black cardigan over this as it was a bit chilly out, but it was fine for the morning. I also had pretty large barrel bangs (no rat thank you!!) but it's hard to see.

Just side bangs

Large front roll with two side rolls. I love my frilly victorian leopard print shirt!

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