Feel how you may about tattoos, they are widely becoming more popular and accetable in our culture. Even my 56 year old mother just got her first one last year. Sometimes they can be god awful, but sometimes they can be very very good, and though some people preach for fully authentic vintage looks, I appreciate the girls who can be traditional, and yet still slightly of the times. Plus, as much as anyone would like you to think only sailors had tattoos back in the day, it's just not true. They just happened to have the most of them ;)

I've had a picture of this girl saved on my computer for I don't even know how long. I love her look with the tattoos peaking out, and to me it doesn't take away from her look, but add to it:

Sammi Sadler from UK

I've always studied this girl's make up and hair styling's via livejournal. I love how it's retro with an edge
You can see more on her livejournal page here

There is also the famous pin-up Sabina Kelley. A mom, animal activist and devoted wife, she represents the pin-up spirit with her modern edge.
photo by Shannon Brooke Imagery

There is also a great article in the NY Times right now titled "Seafarers' Memoirs, Written on Skin" about the origins of tattooing as a review for an exhibit opening at The Independence Seaport Museum in Philadelphia, PA.

More information about the exhibit and related programs can be found on the museum's website here

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