I'm not a huge fan of bakelite on myself, but on other people I love it. I just don't think it works with my very monochromatic and black-centric wardrobe. I saw a picture of a girl on the Fedora Lounge yesterday that just seemed so perfect. Black curly hair, cats eye glasses, and an arm full of multi-colored bakelite bracelets. It looked so effortless and chic that I thought maybe I should get past my crap and try and branch out. I see it often in vintage stores around NY, and sometimes flea markets though I'm sure those are usually lucite, but they're always a little pricey for what to me is essentially a colored, somtimes carved, bangle. I decided to try first looking online and see if there are any deals floating around, and I'm astounded by how much the price can vary! I know that cheap pieces can easily not be bakelite (it seems real hovers around $40-$100), and actual bakelite is so much better than the fake thing, but really - from $10 to $1,200? For a bracelet?

See for yourself - all claimed to have been tested for authenticity:





I read the wikipedia article on Bakelite here, but I still can't understand why it sells for so much. It's not rare at all -maybe for the suburbs it is and that's just the New Yorker in me talking - so why does it cost so much?

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