Governor's Island Jazz Age Lawn Party

I've been super swamped lately with work - sorry about that! - but I'm back to my usual self. I mentioned before the Jazz Age Lawn Party presented by Michael Arenella's Dreamland Orchestra that happens twice a year on Governor's Island in NY. Well the pictures have been pouring in, so here's a little handful of them:

I had total clothing crushes on all these people:

With my lovely lady friends.... I am of course second from the right in my grey and white shorts that my mom sewed for me based on ones Drew Barrymore wore in the recent Grey Gardens movie.

With my lovely red-headed friend Jeanie:

I was also interviewed by Time Out New York regarding my hair

If you go here:
Time Out New York Hair Special
I am on pages 154, 155, and 156. If you click the picture it leads to my interview, where I'm happy I got to give a shout out to one of my favorite NYC vintage shops - The Family Jewels. I also love they asked me if I dress like that everyday. I guess we looked odd?...

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